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Welcome to Artist of Design!
I am a freelance graphic designer with 20+ years experience designing tee shirts for the resort industry. Designing tee shirts for various clients is my main source of income and is what I love to do.
All these tee shirt designs are for portfolio display only and have been purchased, they are the property of their respective owners. NOT FOR SALE.

I purposely create all of my designs myself with an intricate understanding of the resort industry market needs for long term clients.
All my designs are hand illustrated, scanned and colored myself. I finish my designs using Corel Painter, Corelphotopaint and Coreldraw.

I also create my custom fonts using Coreldraw and Fontlab Studio to accent my various tee shirt designs, usually for headlines or subheads.
I purposely create most of my fonts with a worn or antiqued feel to them.
All my fonts are hand drawn and hand kerned by myself.  Therefore, you might find that some of my fonts have subpar kerning. I try the best I can to make them workable for others.

My inspiration comes from late 19th century designs and artwork.
Victorian age and Post-Impressionism art and advertising, when all was manually illustrated from notable artists such as Toulouse Lautrec, Egon Schiele, Edward Penfield and many others from that era.
I also find early 20th century art movements and poster art ephemera such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau, to be very influential.


All Designs, fonts and Clip-art Packs posted within the “Shop” section on this website are available for immediate purchase.

Terms of Use:
* You may use any font and/or art-packs for personal or professional use and on items to sell.
* You may not distribute any of artistofdesign fonts and/or art-packs either for sale or for free. This includes sharing artistofdesign fonts and/or art-packs, posting or linking directly to downloads for artistofdesign fonts and/or art-packs and variants of artistofdesign fonts and/or art-packs.
* These fonts and art-packs were created solely by artistofdesign. You may not copy these fonts or art-packs. Doing so violates copyright laws.

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Andre Zottolo